Car-Safe magnet

                                        (Included with every order)

We at Designs on Demand are providing to you the instructions that our magnetic sheeting company, Car-Safe™, has given to us. These instructions are industry-standard and would apply to all car magnets, not just ours.

The vehicle’s surface should be waxed a minimum of 48 hours prior to applying Car-Safe™ flexible magnetic sheeting. For new vehicles or newly painted vehicles, allow approximately 90 days for the paint to totally cure before applying. Wipe the surface of the vehicle with a clean dry cloth before application and make sure that all grime, dust, and dirt have been removed.

Remove Car-Safe™flexible magnetic sheeting daily to guard against moisture and dirt buildup. On vehicles, it is recommended to remove daily to ensure that the vehicle and the magnetic sheet surfaces are clean and free of roadway debris. Dust and moisture trapped between Car-Safe™ magnetic sheeting and your vehicle can damage its finish.

Clean Car-Safe™ flexible magnetic sheeting with a mild detergent as well as the metallic surface it is being re-applied to, wipe with a soft cloth and allow to dry. This will help to lengthen the life of your Car-Safe™ product and will help protect the surface of your vehicle.


Car-Safe magnet instructions

From the Car-Safe™ maker's catalog description:

    "Our customers tell us that it is extremely important to make sure the vehicle surface is clean and moisture-free before applying any magnetic. It is recommended that the vehicle surface be waxed and allowed to cure for at least 48 hours before applying magnetic. For new or newly painted vehicles, allow 90 days before applying any magnetic. Failure to remove and clean both the magnetic sign and the vehicle surface on a daily basis could result in permanent damage. Car-Safe™ is safer, but still requires the same cleaning recommendations."

    Don't Forget: Clean the surface of the vehicle with alcohol and a lint free cloth prior to putting magnetic on it.

    Caution: Magnetic vinyls can cause permanent damage to painted surfaces unless properly maintained. We are not responsible for vehicle damage.