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What is the turnaround time? How quickly can I get my order?

General Turnaround Time:
(This information is also shown in the checkout screens to guide you as you choose your shipping method)

Allow 1st class 12 days, Priority Mail 10 days, Express Mail 6 days, FedEx 2nd Day 7 days, FedEx Next Day 6 days.

If you have a specific date, let us know. If something unexpected arises here, we can only meet your deadline if we know about it.

We do offer rush shipping and will make every effort to make your date, especially if it is a special situation such as a deployment, a holiday, or a memorial. We will do what it takes to make your date.


Are certain times of the week faster to get orders than others?
Somewhat. We are very familiar with the timetables of FedEx, USPS Express Mail, and USPS Priority Mail. Over a weekend, shipping by the Postal Service is very fast since they move the mail even on Sundays. So if we ship by Saturday, there is a good chance you could have your order by Monday or Tuesday with very reasonable shipping rates. We will consider all these variables when we ship your order and ship the fastest way at the least cost. In some cases, that means a refund of shipping costs to you.